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At Ignition72 we love the next great thing, and have spent years exploring VR,
AR/XR, new technologies, targeting tools, analytics suites and more. So of course
we jumped in to understand the AI space.

For this blog post, however, we are turning to ChatGPT, the current AI text star that
is showing up in the news every day (we will post a visual and audio AI focused
article, as well). The post below was written by ChatGPT with the prompt: “Write a
blog post talking about how AI will impact marketing online.”

Note that it took 2 minutes to write the full response, which you can see below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way we live, work, and interact with each other, and the marketing world is no exception. AI is changing the way marketers approach and execute their marketing strategies, providing them with new tools to analyze consumer behavior and create more
targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

One of the key benefits of AI in marketing is the ability to process large
amounts of data. By analyzing consumer behavior data, AI can help
marketers understand consumer preferences, behaviors, and pain points,
allowing them to create more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.
For example, AI can be used to analyze consumer buying patterns, enabling
marketers to identify the most effective times to promote products, and
which products are likely to be successful.

Another major benefit of AI in marketing is the ability to personalize
marketing messages. AI algorithms can analyze consumer behavior data to
identify specific consumer segments, and then create personalized
marketing messages for each segment, increasing the chances of
conversions. For instance, AI can be used to personalize emails, social media
posts, and advertising messages, providing consumers with more relevant
content, and improving the overall marketing experience.

Moreover, AI can also help in automating repetitive tasks and making them
more efficient. For example, AI chatbots can be used to handle customer
service inquiries, freeing up marketers to focus on more important tasks,
such as creating new marketing campaigns and analyzing consumer
behavior data. Additionally, AI can be used to automate the creation of ads
and social media posts, allowing marketers to spend more time on other

Finally, AI is also helping marketers to measure the effectiveness of their
marketing campaigns. By analyzing consumer behavior data, AI algorithms
can determine the success of a marketing campaign, and provide insights
into what worked and what didn't. This information can then be used to
improve future marketing campaigns, making them more effective and
increasing conversions.

In conclusion, AI is having a profound impact on the marketing world,
providing marketers with new tools to analyze consumer behavior and create
more effective, personalized marketing campaigns. As AI technology
continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovative marketing
strategies, and a further transformation of the marketing landscape.

What do you think? A powerful tool for marketers? Or a threat to our livelihood and
the inevitable robot seeking Sarah Connor that we were warned by Hollywood

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AI image generated with DALLE2
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