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Strategy First Every Day

Understanding your goals takes more than an hour

With decades of experience in the Advertising world, our approach to projects is different and we believe, smarter. We know there is no shortage of providers who will give you a quote whether you have a detailed or loosely outlined idea of what you want. In procurement, one of the challenges is determining whether you just received a lowball estimate (that will require lots of change orders) or a top side estimate (that assumes you have infinite amounts of money). At Ignition72 we apply strategy first to everything that we do, and defining the goals, scope and execution is one of the most important parts.

For this reason we work best when we can spend time on your project, helping to define it, teaching you about different strategies and options that can directly impact price. This doesn’t mean we are non-responsive on quotes. Just don’t be surprised if your estimate is a single price for planning, and a range for each successive part. Paid planning can not only reduce your overall cost, but also better inform you of the component parts of the project and why they cost what they do.

Process equals efficiency; efficiency equals reduced cost

If you know the world of advertising agencies you would recognize our process: Job starters, change orders, status reports; basically an organized person’s dream! But the paperwork is just the start. Once we have performed the strategy first meeting you will receive a comprehensive guide to your project that defines all of the component parts.

While process tends to be rigid, ours is not. With a mature team of marketing and technology professionals, we craft the process to your project and goals. Want style tiles before designs? Done. Need to do usability testing and stakeholder outreach? No problem. Have some internal resources that can fulfill part of the project? Happy to collaborate with them. Your presence online should be a reflection of your organization and at Ignition72 we find that that is true not only for the final product, but also for the process of getting there.

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