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We know how to design and build for the web, how to talk about lead-gen and build for conversions, and so on. But we also understand something just as vital to your success – we’re not building for robots, but people. We bring a human-centered approach to what we create by bringing through elements of delight and humanity. This is key to creating the memorable experience you’re looking for.

GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies is a global technology-driven materials and construction company with a portfolio of products that includes an expansive list of building materials and supportive technologies. The world’s most successful architects, producers, builders and contractors rely on GCP brands and solutions for their construction projects in areas such as concrete and cement additives, flooring, fireproofing and many others.

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Baltimore City School District

Under contract with Digicon Corporation, Ignition72 had the opportunity to design and build a new City Schools website that welcomes all users on any device to a visually positive and robust new website. This site includes important tools like the School Comparison, where kids and parents can explore various school options. We had to ensure that the site was multi-lingual and accessible, while empowering the School District to manage, control and update all aspects of the site.

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PickMy is a novel platform that simplifies the process of connecting landlords and tenants. Tenants use a single common application which is reviewed, validated and processed by PickMy. Landlords search pre-screened and scored renter leads based on any required criteria including neighborhood, zip code, and income. Everything is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional tenant placement with minimal hassle.

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Widener University Law School

I72s partnership with Widener University led to the building of new websites for two law schools at once, with separate identities, functionality, and content.

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Baltimore Housing supports over 19,500 households in our city, providing support and funding to ensure that families have a safe place to live and that the city continues to have affordable housing, and vibrant spaces with strong community partnerships across all sectors.

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