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We know how to design and build for the web, how to talk about lead-gen and build for conversions, and so on. But we also understand something just as vital to your success – we’re not building for robots, but people. We bring a human-centered approach to what we create by bringing through elements of delight and humanity. This is key to creating the memorable experience you’re looking for.


Founded in 1987 by, a group of clergy, lay congregants and Baltimore business leaders, ICJS has worked to deepen the conversations around interreligious issues and justice themes through fellowships, scholarship, coursework and events. In so doing, ICJS envisions an interreligious society in which dialogue replaces division, friendship overcomes fear, and education eradicates ignorance. Ignition72 developed ICJS’s new web presence and supporting materials to communicate this important institution’s values and articulate its initiatives in promoting civic bonds.

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