Case Study

Federated Environmental Associates, Inc.


Federated Environmental Associates, Inc. is an existing company but until recently had only a limited web presence. A difficult history of aborted website projects with other firms had left a bad taste in their mouth, creating an opportunity for Ignition72 to show them the light in the dark sea of unfinished web projects. It was also a chance to build a new site from the ground up, which we love to do.

FEA provides a wide range of environmental services, ranging from inspections to remediation planning. We like to brag about their work since they refuse to do it themselves, which was the core concept of their new site. Focusing first on educating the user, then on FEA themselves.


Ignition72’s Strategy First™ planning process was deployed to learn what their business was all about, what made them unique and how they had remained successful for over 20 years without a website. We worked through their goals and discussed concepts for the site, eventually settling on four main goals:

  • Serve as an educational resource for users
  • Improve client-FEA communication efficiency (report submissions and requests)
  • Build a flexible site that the FEA team can grow indefinitely over time
  • Give FEA the web presence they have long deserved


We set out to build a site that accomplished all these goals simultaneously, starting with a refined Information Architecture and Wireframes. Style Tiles laid down the look and feel, and In-Browser Comping got a base site in front of FEA quickly. (In-Browser Comping is a method of doing design and development at the same time, so the customer can see the designs in a “live” environment rather than flat files like jpegs or pdfs. It helps the customer visualize the final site a lot better, reducing design changes at the end of the product.) This method was especially useful for a novice (a client who never built a website before) because he could not marry flat files to a live website - he needed to see the design ideas in a living environment.

Homepage prominence was given to information about Common Environmental Concerns and we incorporated a system for easy client–FEA communication and interaction. Recognizing that people may be using this site in the field, a responsive site was the logical choice so it would be easy to use on tablets or mobile devices. Other learning focused elements were added including the Learning Center and the Environmental Due Diligence Tips throughout the site.

We also guided the client through the creation of his content, showing him that some of his current marketing materials could easily be adapted for the web. We walked him through the Search Engine Optimization process, and ensured that his new content was fully optimized.


The site has been live for a few months and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Ignition72’s Strategy First™ approach allowed us to show FEA that not all web projects are nightmares and in fact they can be fun! Ignition72 accomplished what several other firms could not, the launch of FEA’s first website, that not only is proving to be an education resource for the industry, but more importantly has attracted new business for FEA.


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