Case Study



Gail Tilden, founder of Muttles, LLC and former VP of Nintendo, created a group of collectible plush dogs for all ages to enjoy. These are currently being sold at many major retail stores. The Muttles site is designed for Muttles owners to have "virtual ownership" of their toys by registering them for free, sharing with friends, customizing them, and playing online games on a completely compliant child friendly social network. On the Muttles website you can also purchase Muttles, upload pictures and stories about your own Muttles and interact with other owners.


Considering the technological sophistication of the modern child, Muttles was very invested in the idea of porting their toys experience to the online world. With numerous ideas and options before them, they needed someone to not only execute the chosen solution but to help coalesce their thinking into an appropriate and actionable direction.


The chosen direction was a social networking site that is fully interactive, COPPA compliant and adheres to all brand standards and guidelines. One of the biggest challenges was building such a complex system in a way that could be understood and enjoyed by children. Ignition72 accomplished this by using a dynamic set of both 2 and 3D graphical elements.

Targeted Audience Engagement


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