Case Study

William Morris Endeavor


One of the largest and most prodigious talent and literary agencies in the entertainment business, the William Morris Agency is the product of a merger between both William Morris and Endeavor. WM has principal offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Shanghai, Nashville, and London, and represents clients in all segments of the entertainment industry.


With a global network of offices and a wide range of businesses, WM found it impossible to keep every location connected and informed on day-to-day operations as well as pertinent company news. Originally Ignition72 was brought in as a consultant to assist senior management in understanding the incoming proposals for this challenge. Unimpressed with what they received, WM asked if ignition72 could help.


Ignition72 built, tested and implemented an extremely secure, usable and robust internal management system designed to run on the WM intranet. This system was fully integrated with all existing internal and external WM data sources that allowed users to track company news, events and announcements. It also included a suite of useful tools that their staff would use on a daily basis, such as:

  • Call log and address book
  • A fully interactive calendar
  • Project proposal generator
  • Web page publishing tool
  • Asset database
  • Dynamic meta-based news system
  • Comprehensive search of Google, IMDB, and Getty, as well as all internal databases through one simple search field


Ignition72 turned a large multinational entertainment corporation into a smooth and nimble operator that was massive in its thinking and size, but small in the communication distance between staff. By linking teams and departments together with one easy to use system, WME was able to move projects and tasks along, as well as utilize the resources of the assorted departments (e.g. literary and film) with greater effectivenessand efficiency than ever before.

Company Intranet for Global Employees


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