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About GCP Applied Technologies

GCP Applied Technologies is a global technology-driven materials and construction company with a portfolio of products that includes an expansive list of building materials and supportive technologies. The world’s most successful architects, producers, builders and contractors rely on GCP brands and solutions for their construction projects in areas such as concrete and cement additives, flooring, fireproofing and many others. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, GCP has over 50 years of expertise and decades of success in creating new products while developing environmentally conscious and sustainable construction practices. Ignitions’ charge alongside partner MESH consulting was to rebuild the companies website with emphasis on rigorous organization for professional and novice users and a vision for GCPs future as an industry leader.

  • Service:Development, Project Management, UX/UI Design
  • Industry:Commercial
  • Visit:gcpat.com/

GCP approached Ignition to address issues with its user experience and overall online identity. This included a re-imagination of its navigation and organizational schemes together with a clean, modernized and industry-appropriate visual language.

Learning + Planning

Ignition worked closely with GCP leadership throughout to understand its business and craft an approach to support their growth in a global market. We conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative site audits and gained an understanding of the competitive landscape. A strategy was developed that showcased GCPs confident, environmentally conscious and highly professional approach to building. Lastly, Ignition had to be mindful of existing power-users that need to quickly find a multitude of critical supporting documentation.

Style Exploration

Ignition worked to express GCPs character, and creating a dynamic, modern, flexible, coherent and above all serious brand. The new design devices highlight GCPs excellence and communicates its product scope and achievements throughout the world. The identity is accompanied by a vibrant color system that refines the brand’s signature colors and enhanced for digital contexts.

Design + Development

Ignition’s new design has taken a great clients admired brand and raised the functionality and visual profile of its web presence. Most critical was an improved navigation, a new accessible materials library and flexible form that allows for small and large modifications across all devices. Ignition is proud of its work in solidifying GCP’s image as being able to set new precedents in the industry while being respectful of their legacy.


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