About PickMy

PickMy is a novel platform that simplifies the process of connecting landlords and tenants. Tenants use a single common application which is reviewed, validated and processed by PickMy. Landlords search pre-screened and scored renter leads based on any required criteria including neighborhood, zip code, and income. Everything is done at a fraction of the cost of traditional tenant placement with minimal hassle.

  • Client:PickMy
  • Service:Development, SEO, UX/UI Design
  • Industry:Commercial
  • Visit:pickmy.life

PickMy was created to give renters the ability to list their rental needs and save money on the applications and background process. In the current real estate market, there are many new rentals available and quality tenants are becoming a valuable commodity. PickMy provides a platform which leverages this availability to the benefit of renters, saving them time and money.

Learning + Planning

As a new venture in a competitive landscape Ignition72 worked to understand PickMy’s place in the market and its unique business model and competitive advantages. We worked to understand both tenant and landlord pain points in the rental and leasing journey through personas, journey maps and other tools.

Style Exploration

We wanted to create a pop to the design to showcase PickMy’s novelty and rejuvenation in a stagnant and outdated market space. Combinations of yellow and toned-down lime serve as nice contrasts to the other neutral tones. These color choice were also important to maximizing legibility and readability.

Design + Development

Design and development followed rigorous guidelines and repeated testing and iteration. This was a requirement for all the user flows including those for tenant application entries and the mechanisms by which the underlying tenant-landlord pairing and credit system operated. PickMy continues to grow and expand into new markets with their unique system Ignition72 was proud to help build.


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