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At I72 we have developed tools for better accessibility operation practices and compliance.

All technology is assistive, as the saying goes. Removing barriers that reduce access to digital products for persons with disabilities is good law, good ethics and good business. At I72, our team has built specific tools to help your team improve your sites accessibility and implement best practices. Candescent is our convenient WordPress plugin that checks contrast, font size and alt-text, while the on-site accessibility toggle allows users to make changes on the fly when visiting.

"Candescent" WordPress plugin logo

Candescent is an accessibility guidance plugin that displays alerts in certain Gutenberg blocks. See when the content you are adding doesn’t meet accessibility guidelines quickly. With Candescent you’ll see an alert front and center in the block’s toolbar, letting you know when something has gone wrong, then further details can be viewed in the sidebar. Candescent is open-source software. Download from the official WordPress page here.

Font Size, Contrast, Alt-Text

With Candescent you can get an alert in Paragraph blocks when your font size is too small. Next, discover if the foreground and/or background colors lack contrast. Lastly, get an alert in Image blocks when the image’s alt-text is missing.

Screenshot of Candescent WordPress plugin toolbar for "font size," "contrast," and alt-text

The on-site accessibility toggle is our custom-developed tool to aid in the viewing experience. With a single click increase your sites font size and improve the contrast ratio by switching to dark mode. I72 can install the tool as part of our accessibility services when building your site.

Logo for accessibility toggle

Screenshot of "Toggle High Contrast" and "Toggle Large Font Size" buttons activated as part of toggle switch

Toggle High Contrast and Font Size

The toggle buttons sit conveniently in the corner of your page and changes your site to dark mode and/or increase the font size for easier reading and scanning. Switching back and forth is as easy as one click.



Ignition72 takes website accessibility seriously. Everyone should have equal opportunity to online resources, so we follow WCAG guidelines. Connect today.