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National Credit Union Administration ‘Hit The Road’ financial literacy game.


The National Credit Union Administration teamed up with the U.S. Department of Education to promote and educate young people about credit unions and overall financial literacy. As stated by NCUA in its external promotions of the game: “The interactive lessons help children of all ages to learn essential lifelong financial skills while having fun”.
The game needed to be easy enough for anybody to play, but engaging enough fill a 30 minute engagement goal.

Project Structure

Ignition72 was the sub to our prime partner, Woodpile Studios. The Ignition72 team worked directly with the NCUA communications and IT departments on all facets of the project.


Using the Strategy First process the Ignition72 team met with the NCUA team at their offices to define all of the variables that would go into the game: Costs for fuel, medicine, spare tires and more, were all adjusted to make the game as ‘real world’ accurate as possible.

  • All characters in the game were hand drawn and adjusted before being digitized and
    colored in.
  • Destinations and story line were documented and revised directly with NCUA
    communications staff.
  • All game elements were created from scratch and leverage the Impact game engine to tie
    the functionality together.
  • Custom music was written for the game by the Ignition72 team.
  • Throughout the game there are not only challenges and lessons, but fun learning
  • A randomization engine was created to ensure that users could play multiple times without
    doing the same exact thing.


The game was launched in the spring of 2013 to great success, and it was promoted by both the NCUA and the U.S. Department of Education to get the game into as many classrooms as possible. The attached letter is a note of thanks from Ronnie Levine, the CIO of NCUA.

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