Data As Big As You Want It To Be

Insights beyond your wildest dreams

Offline media has always had a hard time quantifying its impact, but the same is not true for the web. Applications and services like Google Analytics or Site Catalyst can let you know not just how many ‘hits’ your site is getting, but where the traffic comes from, how long it stayed, and what they did next. With each successive version we have greater and deeper insights into our visitors and customers, an incredible opportunity.

But using the data is more of a challenge, and it requires strategic thought and insight to determine what datasets are of value and what is merely interesting. Our team have participated in analytics training and manage the accounts for hundreds of customers. Whether we are planning a new site, or looking to improve an existing one, analytics give us enough information to inform and guide decisions at every step of the process.

Testing and validation, the keys to analytics happiness

One of the greatest benefits of analytics is that through their use you might be able to avoid ever having to go to another focus group session (at least as it relates to your website). The reason is that the web is constantly evolving and changing, it's expected. But what people do not realize is that each engagement can be an opportunity to not only share information, but also to test its efficacy.

Known as A/B testing, you can not only validate messaging, but also design, pricing, structure and organization and just about anything else. The use of PPC advertising can create paths for specific sub-audiences to be tested, and all of the results and learning simply needs to be coalesced from your analytics. The Ignition72 team get excited when we start to talk about analytics, it can be one of your most valuable resources.

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