Our Love of Animation was Established at an Early Age

The more senses you engage, the better

Reading through dozens of pages of complex and detailed information can be a bore. Watching a three minute animated video not only can save time, it can better reinforce the content because of multiple sense engagement. Audio, visuals and text all play a role in video animation, whether it is 2D or 3D, and we love a good animation project as much as the results it generates on behalf of our clients.

Video is everywhere thanks to broadband

You can find videos in ads, apps, or on dedicated sites like Youtube and Vimeo. While our team does not do traditional video (we have several partners) we have found that animation presents a real value from a budget perspective for several reasons. These include:

  • No talent fees, unless union VO is used
  • No limit on what is possible
  • Multiple file formats, sizes and versions allow animated videos to be used in many ways, both online and offline
  • One of the best kinds of audience engagement as it stimulates many senses

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