Engagement Anywhere, Anytime, So Long as There is Value

Of course there is an app for that

With so many of your customers using smart phones, apps have become an excellent way of being a part of your customers’ daily lives. Whether they are free, paid for, operating system specific or web apps, apps allow for the easy access of specific content and functionality through a cell phone.

The data demonstrates that apps promote usage as long as the app has value to the end user, in fact app users consume more bandwidth on phones than people using browsers. Our team will work closely with yours to define the goal of the app as well as the best technology to implement it. We are iOS SDK members, have developed for Android, and are even starting to explore Windows phone, would you believe it.

Apps can change your business

One of our favorite stories is about a client who commissioned a web app to completely change how his company does business. With teams working out in the field, the typical turn around time for data collection and processing was over 7 working days (The post office takes some of the blame for that!). With their new web app, this timeframe was reduced to 2-3 hours, giving our client a clear value proposition when they pitched against their competition.

The key is that apps do not just work for your customers, they can also work for your employees. They can allow the access of tools, centralization of data collection, or simply connect a widespread team.

More about our Apps?

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