Content Management Systems

Let your website empower your marketing

Harnessing the power of community. 

The act of creating a new website represents a range of different activities from deploying a free template that you got with your domain name to developing a sophisticated tool that engages and conducts business with your visitors; generating metrics, information and revenue. During our Strategy First planning session, our development team is assessing what system would be best to help achieve your goals, and open source Content Management Systems (CMS) are a powerful ally. 
With deep experience using Drupal, Wordpress, NationBuilder and Umbraco (we are a certified partner), our team have lightweight, robust, PHP and ASP based solutions ideal for just about any deployment. We have integrated custom stores and shopify accounts, tied in Active Directory and integrated data from deprecated systems. While keeping the core upgrade path clean our team can customize functionality to meet specific business goals, and if Open Source is not the right approach we also have extensive experience in TeamSite, SharePoint and other systems. 

Even our developers have a marketing background. 

While the open source communities grant access to large amounts of functionality, one of the things that sets Ignition72 apart is it depth of development knowledge and capabilities. Yes, we can build a wordpress site, and frameworks are a great way to be efficient. But our team are developers who know Javascript, not just jquery. This deep understanding of how the front-end differs from the back-end permeates through all of our staff: our design team know how to code and our strategists have a passion for hardware. 
The entire Ignition72 team are passionate about what they do and as a result, we each tend to wear many hats. Our team includes budding musicians, recognized photographers and passionate athletes. These disparate skills are brought together with a core understanding of technology to develop the best and most effective solution for achieving your goals, from design to development to training your team, our team will convey its love for what it does. 

Want to learn more? 

Not sure what the best CMS is for your project? Give us a call, we are happy to start a conversation.