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The Why

Copywriting and content strategy involves much more than just words on a digital page. The heart of it is nailing down your brand voice. Every business should know their persona. Are you a captain of industry or creator? A rebel, everyman, or caregiver?

This isn’t a matter of trying on different outfits and choosing. It involves getting down to the core being of your business, developing a persona that is authentic to your business and presenting yourself in a manner that’s compelling to your target audiences.

How We Do It

During the planning stages of your project, Ignition72 will review any existing materials and present voice personas that are potential matches for your overall brand. Once a persona is chosen, any copywriting handled by Ignition72 will reflect and promote that persona across your digital landscape.

We also look at your entire digital ecosystem to determine where best to use new content and what section it satisfies in the marketing funnel, whether it’s website copy, blogs, video creation, social media posts and advertisements, eBooks, white papers, infographics, digital ads or paid placements. Every avenue we pursue will point back to your website, as that is the central hub for all of your digital content.

Ready to talk the talk? Call or email our content strategists to find your unique voice.

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