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The Why

If someone ever tells you design is solely about making something pretty, run away fast. Design is so much more. Good design is about facilitating engagement, immersion and action. It boosts your band; it delivers your message; it sells your product. It helps lead your prospects down the sales funnel, turning them from a casual observer into a qualified lead.

User Experience Design is not just about whether a goal is completed, it’s about HOW that goal is completed and how likely that goal will be repeated despite changing rules and guidelines to attract different audiences and transactions. Good design is always informed by strategy–form follows function.

How We Do It

At Ignition72, design comes last in our process. We will never unveil design during the pitch, as at this early stage, it would be uninformed and, most likely, unachievable.

Instead, our design team is active in the planning process. They gain a deep understanding your audience, goals and objectives to inform the design of your project and establish more than just a visual identity. We are then able to create a unique visual language for your project that’s adaptive across all devices and inputs, consistent across all sites and resources, accessible for screen readers, and flexible enough that you can carry it forward with confidence.

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