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The Why

There are three ‘successful’ ways you can code.

  1. It works! (Sort of/mostly)
  2. It works! (As long as it’s overseen/used by highly trained person)
  3. It works, all the time and for everybody!

Needless to say, Ignition72 thrives on building to the third definition, as code that works for everyone empowers your business, improves processes and makes goal completion efficient and reproducible. By fixating on code working all the time and for everybody, Ignition72 is able to boast an 85% client return rate, year after year.


High quality code is the step-child of development – rarely seen or talked about. Most people can’t even detect it. Your website might look great on the front end, but the back-end might be a plug-in soup with 30,000 unnecessary lines of code as a garnish. Our code is clean, efficient, fully commented, and we never break upgrade paths so your website will stay up-to-date for years.

How We Do It

We are not a hammer looking for a nail, meaning we’re not a one-system or one-audience shop focused on one vertical. We are changemakers and code is our tool.

If it makes sense for your business, we prefer to use open-source tools that include a wide range of content management systems, including WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal, Big Tree and others. However, if open source isn’t best for you, creating a custom or proprietary system is always an option, whether it’s for your new company intranet or a new website.

Our experience runs the gamut from NASA, the U.S. Census Bureau, the VA, to Marriott, The Nature Conservancy, the City of Baltimore, the local furniture store and a wonderful church in Florida. And while our developers work without email or phones, they’ve created more connections to the outside world than the rest of the office combined.

Come explore our development space for yourself. Tour our offices and meet our development team! (Just please mute your phone; we don’t want you to make our developers jealous.)

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