A Million Ways to Execute the Same Idea

Achieving success

There is no unified body that has oversight over the web, and as a result, there are many ways of accomplishing the same goals. Some are defined by laws, like 508 compliance (ADA). Others are framed with best practices, like the W3C consortium. Others are entity specific, like Microsoft ASP or Apple iOS Apps. At Ignition72 our development team is trained across many technologies and systems to ensure that they have the skills to deliver.

More importantly, the development team is an integral part of the planning process, ensuring that surprises and challenges are identified up front to make sure they have no negative impact.

Our tools

Building a modern website or tool is a strategic process that includes defining the hosting environment, coding languages, data sources and the devices and technology that will be used to engage the site. It also involves balancing custom development with the modification of existing functionality modules, whether they are paid for or open source.

Each of our development group team members is a specialist, understanding not only how to implement technology, but how that technology works at its core. This means we understand the impact and costs associated with custom development, bleeding edge research and development or open source implementation. By understanding our landscape as well as we do, we are the perfect partner to help you navigate the complex world of digital marketing, with no predisposition to one solution or another.

Want to learn more?

Contact our business development manager. We promise, our developers do not answer the phones!