Game Development

Training or Entertainment, Games Promote Engagement

We are an instant gratification society

When you look at web statistics in general, they can be disappointing. People appear to have diminished attention spans that make it very difficult to convey complex messages whether it is branding or training focused. Games and video are the exception, with light engagement models being validated by Angry Birds and Bejeweled alike.

The Ignition72 team has a long and storied game pedigree, with many of our staff having worked at some of the best known gaming companies in the world. We have succeeded in promoting charitable golf programs, facilitated ecological training and taught financial literacy to children, all through the use of games.

Engagement and fun are essentially the same thing.

Whether your audience is children who will influence a purchasing decision, or adults partaking in a mandatory training program, games can communicate a lot of information in a relatively short period of time. But the essence of these games is that you are tricking the participant into forgetting what they are doing and being consumed by the experience. Before they know it they are brand champions or empowered with new skills and capabilities.

Before a game goes live, our team will have tested it not only to ensure that the content is correct and being served, or that the data is being collected and passed on, we make sure that the game is appropriate from our audience and offers a momentary escape from the task of learning. This is very similar to teaching about trajectory and gravity using a game like Angry Birds.

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