Deliver your message at the speed of the Internet

Capturing minds requires art

The internet is everywhere and it is generating insightful data about all of us. Analyzing that data and extracting information that is interesting and relevant to your audience an art form. Why? Because you want to establish yourself as an expert with valuable insights, you want to promote you brand or company, and you want to do this to a site visitor in less than 30 seconds.

There is no question as to why info-graphics work: We are visually wired, in fact, almost 50% of our brain is dedicated to processing things that we see.  While info-graphics are currently in-style, the reality is that we have lived with them forever: The traffic light at the bottom of your street is an info-graphic, and so is the instrument cluster in your car. In this world, quickly delivering valuable information is an invaluable strategy for engagement.

Great info-graphics are the result of team work.

At Ignition72 we have extensive experience creating info-graphics for our clients. But this is not simply a design exercise, like everything else we do it starts with Strategy Firstâ„¢.

By defining the goal of the info graphic we can ensure that we are focused on the desired outcome. Then we like to get deep into the data: Does it support our premise? Is there a new conclusion that we did not know of?

Once the data is analyzed we then design multiple concepts of the info graphic; leveraging your brand, cultural and social concepts, as well as the use of iconography or stock photography to further enhance the content. Whether the info graphic is for a sales presentation, your Facebook page, or for printing out as a poster, we can create compelling content that is impactful and achieves your goals.

Responsive design infographic example