Online Advertising (PPC)

Just Because You Build it Doesn’t Mean They Will Come

Speaking to people when they are hunting for answers

As the world of online advertising matures, it is plain to see that search focused PPC is the best opportunity to reach your audience. They are looking for a solution, product or service; they are open to suggestions; and a well-crafted message can drive massive amounts of traffic.

The Ignition72 team has run national and international PPC campaigns for commercial companies and government entities alike. With our passion for data, we also leverage the benefit of analytics and A/B testing in our campaigns, not only achieving the best possible results, but refining them to focus on prime audiences, reduce costs and increase the end engagement with your site or brand.

Establishing awareness as well as generating traffic

Search isn’t the only way to engage and attract your future visitors. Our team have deployed animated display ads for the Transurban Group and the Department of the Census. Display ads have the benefit of establishing awareness as well as delivering a message, often times more complicated than any text ad could manage.

Rich media ads, dominations, strategic ad media buying, and remarketing strategy are all within our area of expertise, and by tracking and reporting results with Analytics we not only can share our learning but continually refine the process to generate ever improving numbers.

Still curious?

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