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The Why

A good Project Manager doesn’t simply follow a process. They are the process. They are both the client advocate internally and the company representative externally. When you contract with Ignition72 for project management, we become the track, driver, pace car and road crew.

How We Do It

By using robust resources like project-specific Slack instances, Jira, and a wealth of other digital tools, our project management team embraces how you work in order to minimize disruptions and maximize success. Don’t use Slack? That’s ok, we’ll use whatever tools you prefer.

We facilitate client and internal communications alike, track tickets and tasks, and manage the project so every team member can focus specifically on their task at hand. Every project has a dedicated Project Manager, who you’ll get to know–and hopefully like and respect–as we move through the project.

As your project manager, we’re always available to answer your calls and address your emails so you are never left waiting for an answer. Our designers and coders work with email off and without phones on their desks to encourage focus and clear communications while giving our clients a prime contact point.

Up for meeting at a quirky coffee shop to talk project management? We’d love it, and if you drop us a line, the first one’s on us!

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