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Google Rules the Roost, it's Worth Following their Direction

A number one ranking in Google has real dollar value

Every few months Google announces a new P animal algorithm that sets the web world on fire. Whether its Panda or Penguin, this is important to anybody that values their online presence because it defines how more than 69% of the web will find your organization.

Search engine optimization is more than just keywords, its how you build your site and make sure that it is easy for humans and search engines alike to consume your content. Tricks do not work, nor do black-hat approaches. The best practice is to understand the rules and the best way to implement them, something the Ignition72 team does well.

Your content is more than just words

A comprehensive Search Engine Optimization consultation looks not only at your website, but many other variables that feed into that first page of results. This can include researching terms used by different sub-segments of your audience base, or using blogs, social media and other tools to increase your search footprint and engage different audiences.

Working with an arsenal of specialized tools our team has mitigated negative press for public figures, increased online presence for regional companies, or just made our clients sites the top of the search pile. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals and how SEO can help you achieve them.

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