Drawing on Decades of Experience

It all begins with finding the right team

The Ignition72 management team has cultivated successful careers focused around marketing and communications. We are therefore able to bring this knowledge and experience to projects of many shapes and sizes, including but not limited to:

  • Website planning, architecting, requirements gathering, usability testing.
  • Website analysis, using analytics, visitor surveys, heat maps or event focused results.
  • Business planning, including business plan development, road show management, research and strategic guidance.
  • Brand Identity, including logo development, collateral packages, and outbound communication.
  • Traffic and awareness generation, technology consulting, and much more.

Good strategy relies on perspective

Each of our management team has over 20 years experience in marketing and communications, with specific sector experience that includes:

  • Government, including local, State, Federal as well as election work for specific campaigns.
  • Finance, including Banks, Credit Unions, and Federal entities.
  • Non-Profit, including Churches, Charities and Environmental groups.
  • Commercial, including fortune 100, 500, large, medium and small businesses.

With a broad range of experiences in many sectors, our team brings expertise and experience to every project.

Want to learn more?

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