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The Why

No, we are not proposing to sell you friends for your social media account. We are simply acknowledging that search engine, behavioral, display and rich media marketing have a cost per visit. However, doing this blindly quickly leads to unnecessary expenditures. You need an action plan that makes sense for your company.

How We Do It

Ignition72 first begins by looking at the two key components of traffic generation. We research paid marketing channels to see what has the highest potential rewards for your products or services while simultaneously auditing your assets to see what’s best served through specific digital channels. We then explore the strength of your SEO.

A plan is put into place that aligns existing content to the best traffic channel, as well as creating or editing content where deemed necessary. Keywords are included as well as best SEO practices to increase visibility and zero in on where your target market lives online.

Each click, page view and screen-time metric is measured and analyzed for optimal results. If something is underperforming, we can quickly course correct or A/B test to hone in on the variables that boost performance.


Email us at to learn more about traffic generation and let us blow your traffic sky high!

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