UI & UX Design

With UX, design becomes strategic and focused on achieving goals

Google isn't the only one using your site

User experience (UX) is a vital part of every project because it determines how users move around your site and develop an overall opinion about your company or organization. While everybody wants to have an attractively designed website, people often forget that it is more important that the site promotes learning and succeeds at engaging your visitors.  This ensures that your website in not only eye-catching, but also converts more anonymous visitors into customers or clients. The primary elements of UX design is the user interface (UI), or what appears on screen for the user to interact with. Time and time again we see that using an engaging, entertaining and attractive interface is more likely to help you and your visitors accomplish your goals.

We do not build difficult to use websites

UX/UI is a mandatory part of web design because the focus of the entire team (Development, design, strategy) is to accomplish goals on your new site or app. This means usage is typically the first metric we track, followed by engagement to give us a more qualitative assessment. When possible, we like to ensure that there are multiple paths to reaching a goal, all of which are intuitive to different kinds of people.

UX/UI Design includes elements such as:

  • User Input Options: buttons, boxes, drag-and-drops, etc.
  • Navigation Options: breadcrumb navigation, search boxes, etc
  • Help Options: tips, help pages, etc
  • and more

The Ignition72 team can apply the principles of UX/UI to any project, whether it is a complete rebuild or a facelift that maintains the underlying technology. At every stage of the design process our team will engage you with observations and guidelines that we are following to ensure that you customer accomplishes your goals quickly and efficiently.

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