Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

No longer Science Fiction, now a sales tool

In late 2016, Ignition72 began working with our clients to create custom virtual experiences, an extension of our “everything on a screen” approach. This could include using Augmented Reality to place videos in thousands of locations at events and trade shows, or creating custom Virtual Reality experiences that educate our clients’ customers and drive sales.

Using our Strategy First approach, we have defined and created new worlds for our clients. Our team has spent hundreds of hours hosting events, giving demonstrations, and building worlds without limits. Our team has interviewed participants, forged new relationships, and pushed the boundaries of marketing and communication to understand how this inevitable technology will change our lives, both professionally and personally.

Like everything else, our goal is to understand the landscape and technology to enable us to guide our clients through the exploration, strategic planning and implementation of VR for Business to Business applications. This can include training, exploring, and selling opportunities. Our experience building custom VR computers and spaces in offices and homes is helping our clients visualize the extent to which VR can be used by them, their staffs, and their customers.

So whether you are looking to add a permanent VR resource or installation in your offices, want to leverage AR to enhance your print campaigns, or are looking to be the star of your upcoming conferences, Ignition72 has a ‘reality’ for you, and the expertise to implement it. 

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